Welcome to my personal site. I chose the domain specifically because of the inherent humor that i expect to happen over and over and over again when people ask what my website is, or when i have to give them a business card, and it’s something absurd like facebutt.website. I also expect to never be employed again.

There’s probably a lot of parsers out there that don’t even do anything to domains ending in new (and bad) TLDs like .website. Time to work for it.

If i’m starting on new projects or have thoughts that i want to bang out onto internet i will post here and link here from other platforms. Anyway, my metal tube in the sky is about to board (it’s on the ground right now). Hopefully i’ll be able to toss this up on github and point DNS there in the time i have before that starts. Where i’m sitting at TUL is close to some kind of dead spot for wifi.

(Update: I wasn’t. But you’re reading this now!)

Yours truly, drew